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The Department of Biotechnology has established Biotech hubs across India under the programme “Biotech-Krishi Innovation Science Application Network (Biotech-KISAN), to find solution for the problems of farmers and to aid them with appropriate technology. IRTC was selected as a biotech hub in Kerala. The present project of IRTC under the Biotech KISAN programme intends to design and install crop residue composting mechanism for farmers. This is an attempt to address the carbon emission, and to reduce the nutrient loss due to crop residue burning. Till now ,125 crop residue biomass rapid composting homestead demonstration units were established. Accelerator, bio digester and inoculum has been developed for this . Through this process agricultural waste is converted into compost . The experiments show that the normal composting days has been reduced to 35/40 days from 60/90 days.




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